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   I invite you to explore my website and learn a little bit about me. I have two albums which I have produced,

Billy Major - "I Hear You Calling Me" and "Tales Of Fantasies" which are now available for purchase through this website.

   The CD can be purchased by clicking on the Album. Digital Downloads can be purchased by clicking the Album price tab. There are 30 second sound bites of the songs provided. Look for additional Billy Major merchandise to be made available soon.

    Both of my albums were produced by my Sound Engineer, Matt Roussel, who is an owner at Harbor City Sound Lab in Corpus Christi, Texas. He is an amazing musician and has become a dear friend! 

      "I Hung My Head And Cried" is a track on the second album which truly strikes a chord with what has transpired in Ukraine and in the United States during 2022. 


           I have provided a FREE DOWNLOAD of my Single, "It Must Have Been Hard".

This song depicts possibilities of what Jesus might have been thinking about leading into his final hours.

Feel free to visit my YouTube Artist Channel at the following link. Please feel free to subscribe and ring the bell.



"The Traveler"

NOTE:  Downloads from this site may be offered in MP3 or FLAC format. MP3 is a condensed file and plays back better on MP3 players and in most vehicles. FLAC files will not play well on MP3 players. FLAC files are much larger files and deliver a sharper sound quality. FLAC files are closer to a CD quality sound when played through Audio Sound equipment and Computer based replay.

Proud member of the Americana Music Association

Thank you for visiting, Billy Major.

My Bio

I started writing music at the age of 13. "Wind And Love", which is on the album "I Hear You Calling Me", was the beginning of my musical journey. This process has stretched over 48 years. During this period in my life, I attended technical school where I became an Apprentice Electrician. After graduating, I took my Journeyman Electrician's exam. I held that license for the required period of time to allow me to test for the Master Electrician License. I currently hold a Master Electrician License and Electrical Contractor License in the State of Texas. I completed my first music video, entitled "I Know", in 2019. This music video was created to help showcase my daughter's acting abilities where she was enrolled at the time as a Theatre Major at Texas AM University Corpus Christi. Since the completion of the music video, I have created two musical albums, Billy Major "I Hear You Calling Me" and "Tales Of Fantasies". Both albums were produced by Billy Major Music Publishing and were recorded under the direction of, Owner/Sound Engineer Matt Roussel, at Harbor City Sound Lab located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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